Scientific Divulgation Project in Palestine

Science is everywhere. Physics is everywhere. Everyday we take advantage of the scientific progresses, of their “side effects” while browsing the net, while making use of a life-saving drug or – for example – while driving a smart car. The role covered by the scientific development in everyday life, the advantages brought by in our daily routine, the way it affects and increases our living standards is important to improve our future. Moreover, the complex situation in the Palestinian Territories, the difficulty of people mobility, the extreme poverty and poor living conditions including  lack of access to clean water and energy supply, make that country an important protagonist of Science4People project.

Aim of this specific project is to export Sunshine4Palestine know-how to the younger population of Palestine. The first  event of the Science4People program has been  developed in collaboration with the Bethlehem University. 2nd and 3rd years students from the science department, developed, together with our team, a path aimed at taking complex scientific topics, and render them accessible to a public made of young kids aged 6 to 17.  The approch was ludic, making young kids play with science.

In particular, a series of experiments, tailored on the age of the final recipients, were proposed by the S4P team of scientists to the students of the Bethlehem University. The university students thus became  trainers for the younger students who  – at the end of the project – have been transformed into young scientists able to perform and explain a set of experiments themselves.

In such a framework offering scientific and sustainable solutions to practical problem accessible on a large scale, bridging the gap between the existing difficulties and possible solutions by means of know-how transfer, might become a central component of a cultural development and of a self-sustainable social awareness program.