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Founder and C.E.O of the International N.G.O. Sunshine4Palestine (registered in UK, Palestine and Italy), association that aims at developing sustainable alternative for assessing energy and water needs in emergency situations.

The work of the N.G.O. was recognised by the United Nations and as C.E.O. I have been invited to relate as a plenary speaker at the United Nations Seminar on Assistance to Palestinian People “Speeding up Relief, Recovery and Reconstruction in Post-War Gaza” that took place in Vienna, 31March-1 April 2015.

In 2014 the N.G.O. installed a modular plant on the Jenin Charitable Hospital in Gaza. Prior to the installation of the plant the hospital could only work 4 hours a day. Now thanks to the first modulus of the Sunshine4Palestine plant, the hospital has 17 hours of operation time per day, completely off grid.

In February 2017 the N.G.O. started a scientific dissemination project at the Bethlehem University; Anagreement between the NGO, Bethlehem University and the European Physical Society lead the cre- ation of the Science4People section, that is carrying on an extensive scientific dissemination projectin public, private schools in the west bank. The partnership with the European Physical Society and Bethlehem University lead to the creation of the Science4People Young Mind Section in Bethlehem.

The N.G.O. is currently in partnership with the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), the European Physical Society, Beni Mellal University in Marocco and Bethlehem University in Palestine for the creation of a network of mediterranean Fablabs. In April 2014 as a col- laboration between our N.G.O, the European Physical Society and the ICTP brought 4 members of the Bethlehem Science4People to Trieste where the group took a 2 weeks training course course at the ICTP in its SciFabLab maker space learning how to mount, unmount and program a 3D printer. A brief overview of the collaboration can be found here

In August 2018 the N.G.O. lead 5 days of Scientific Dissemination Project in Bethlehem that involved the whole municipality; the project saw 5 days of training, and a science fair that has been organised in partnership with Bethlehem Municipality, Bethlehem University and the European Physical Society and saw the participation of more than 2000 people. Such a project has been funded by the EPS Activity Fund.

The scientific activities in the field of Scientific Dissemination and Physics for Development have been highlighted in an interview on the EPS Fact and Info from the European Physical Society entitled “Portrait of Barbara Capone: when dreams come true” and on several Italian national newspapers as 27esima ora, Il Corriere della Sera or Io Donna, Corriere della Sera

The research lines on the Science for Sustainable Development gathered the attention of many inter- national scientific institutions:

In April 2016, I was invited by the European Physical Society (EPS) to participate as speaker in a sem- inar on “Science and Development, Physics for Sustainable Development” at the EPS Board Meeting.

In September 2016, I was an invited speaker at Austrian Physical Society Annual Meeting , and asked to hold a seminar on the issues of “Science and Sustainable Development” and at the Hungarian school of excellence Bolay College, Budapest, to give a lecture on the impact of scientists and science for sus- tainable development.

In January 2017 I was an invited speaker with the topic “Development in emergency situation” at the Physics@Veldhoven, the annual congress of the Dutch Physics Community.